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Flash the Falcon - The Dance Off

Introducing Flash the Falcon

After a week of high anticipation, the big day arrived! Today was the day I would become Flash the Falcon, mascot to the Newcastle Falcons!

I arranged to meet Jon at Twickenham train station to pick up the various passes and instructions for the day, given the occasion I felt there was no better way to do this than to be dressed as a gorilla. It's only a short walk but in that time I managed to get harassed by a mobile phone salesman, waved at by a bunch of old ladies on a bus (when you're hot, you're hot!!) and scare the crap out of some poor kid who just didn't see me coming. Fantastic!

Mascot's dancing off!

Passes in hand (and now out of the gorilla suit), Lucy and I made our way down to the ground so I could have a quick pint of Guinness before heading to the changing room to transform into a Falcon. At this point, the only photo I'd seen of Flash was on the Newcastle Falcon's website, and my excitement was beginning to be tinged with a degree of nervousness. The day was split into two parts, the dance off before the match and the mascot rugby 7's at half time, in between we were given the opportunity to walk around the Guinness Village and meet the crowd.

The changing room was a quiet affair when I walked in and no one had started getting changed for the dance off yet. After a few minutes though, the door burst open and in walked a eight-foot wasp, this is possibly the most surreal thing I've seen for a good while and I couldn't help a little chuckle.

After a short briefing, and the oddest roll call you've ever heard, "Sharky - yep", "Sarrie the camel - present", "Flash the Falcon - Here sir!", we suited up and headed out for the main stage.

Hello, i'm Flash the Falcon

The dance-off was split into 4 heats, with the winner of each going into the final. I was up against Sarrie the Camel and Leeds Tyke and as I was dancing away, I thought I was doing great! The winner was decided by the loudest cheer from the crowd and I thought I was in with a fair chance, in the end I came second but to be fair, I've seen the DVD and I wasn't as great as I thought. Exaggerated movements, that's what I should have told myself, I look like someone's dad at a wedding! On the plus side of things, I got the female vote, I can only imagine that those old ladies from the bus somehow saw through my disguise!

Once the dance-off was over, I spent the next hour walking around the Guinness Village, shaking hands, posing for photos and getting kicked and punched by a fair few cheeky little rascals, but I was loving every minute so didn't mind at all! When the time finally came for me to get changed, Lucy and I made our way back to the changing room, but "not too quickly!" as I was at pains to point out.

I thought I'd be the last mascot back, in fact, in the changing room one chap asked me what took me so long, I told him I was enjoying it too much and didn't want it to end! But would you believe it, about a minute later, in walked the eight foot wasp!!

Oh if only that happened every day!

To Follow: The mascot rugby 7's game

Photo's from the dance-off

Introducing Flash the Falcon

Mascot's dance off!

A job well done furry animals

Please to meet you, i'm Flash

Flash meets the premiership trophy

Entertaining the children

Authored by Vince Russell on 05 June 2006 at 08:43PM
Current rating: 2 out of 5 stars!
Filed under: Furry Animals

Comments about "Flash the Falcon - The Dance Off"

Pimp Daddy Mitchy said

I'm sure they wanted to have you plucked and stuffed (or is that just me??)

06 June 2006 at 08:28AM

Vince's mum said

at last!! the Walker dancing genes are taking control - today the mascot dance off, tomorrow salsa!! :) there will always be a job for you here at Salsa Peru ;)

06 June 2006 at 12:54PM

papalamour said

Gorillas, falcons, where will this all end Vince? You were born a redcoat... I particularly liked the brutal self-analysis of a dvd of your falcon dancing and how it might be improved!!!!!!!! COuld you not next time dress up as an animal that has never been costumed before? A three toed sloth? Or a bizarre two person animal cossie

08 June 2006 at 06:11PM

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