Authored by Vince Russell on 07 September 2004 at 12:51PM
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*Mystery HMV Shopper

It's no mystery, HMV really is top dog!
Department sent to: Mystery Shop Department

Hi there,

I was bit bored on Sunday so I thought I'd be a mystery shopper to your store in Kingston. To make sure no-one knew who I was, I bought some fake glasses and a fake 'tash from a joke shop, borrowed one of Lucy's wigs and managed to get hold of a cracking pair of flares from the local charity shop, they're green with kind of brown pin-stripes sewn into them, they're really funky! I had an old brown shirt lying around to complete my disguise.

I got changed at home and jumped on the bus to Kingston. This wasn't easy as the flares are really big and are a little bit too long for my little legs, I kept tripping up on the way to the bus stop! When I got to Kingston, the journey from the bus stop to the store was a nightmare, I tripped over four times! Much to most peoples amusement. I got a fair few funny looks as well, what's that all about? Have they never seen a mystery customer before?

A short while later I got to the store, after tipping up again on the escalators, I was a bit worried that I'd get one of my flares caught in the gaps but I was alright. When I went in, it was pretty busy but I could see one of you employees unpacking some CD's, so I asked him if he knew where the Disco section was (my first test as a mystery shopper), he pointed me to a few areas and when I checked, they were indeed, full of disco!

Next I thought I'd check the tidiness of the shelves, but while I was doing this, I saw two people put CD's back in the wrong place, I was going to let the second person know that Korn does not belong in the Elton John section, but he was bigger than me, had loads of tattoo's and a pierced nose, I was a bit scared.

My final test was to purchase something, so I selected the Deacon Blue album Raintown (what better?!) and waited in the queue, I was going quite well but I kept getting strange looks and sniggers, I can only imagine that they were laughing at my choice of CD, do they not know that Deacon Blue used to be one of Scotland's finest, alongside such all-time greats as Wet Wet Wet and The Proclaimers! Some people! I kind of lost concentration after this but did complete my purchase. I'm listening to it now in fact!

So I just thought I'd say well done, you have passed with flying colours! And don't worry about the anti-Deacon Blue brigade, they just don't know what they're missing!!

Hope you are all well!


The Reply

Dear Mr Russell,

I am writing to you in acknowledgement of your recent letter.

Please be assured your correspondence is important to us and we will reply in full at our earliest possible opportunity.

Thank you in advance for your patience in this matter.

Your sincerely,

Customer Service

Authored by Vince Russell on 07 September 2004 at 12:51PM
Current rating: 3 out of 5 stars!
Filed under: Letters from Vince

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