Authored by Vince Russell on 18 November 2003 at 07:00AM
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*PG Tips world record?

And he's drinking PG PG PG!

Department sent to: The PG Tips World Records Dept.

Hi there,

We're having a competition in our tea group at work and it raised a few questions that I'm hoping you'll be able to answer. There's 5 of us in the group and basically every time on someone wants a cuppa, they make one for everyone else. We then take it in turns to make the tea.

So, on this particular day, only me, Dan and James were in work which meant we had to make a lot of tea, so we decided to see about setting a world record! So between 9 and 5 we managed to drink 14 cups of tea each. I realise that this isn't very much but we wondered if you would know what the world record is?

Then we thought, "Is this good for us?". So if I was to, say, drink 17 cups of tea an hour for the working day, would this be good for me? I realise that I'm going to be in the toilet for most of the day but that's ok, we've thought of that and I've got an extension lead for the kettle and a laptop, and I think we've got a cordless phone somewhere, so I'll just move in there for the day and see if I can beat the record.

Hope you can help.



The Reply

Dear Mr Russell,

I was delighted to learn how pleased you are with a packet of PG Tips Pyramid FreeFlow teabags.

We spend a great deal of time and effort in trying to create products that deliver great results and that our consumers will enjoy using, so it is always nice to receive such positive feedback.

We do not have a world record for amount of tea drunk in a day; you would need to contact the Guinness Book of Records. Further to your recent letter, the official government guideline is 6-8 cups per day because tea is a source of caffeine. Caffeine is a diuretic and will cause you to initially visit the toilet more often, once your body becomes used to it you will find that soon you will get back to normal. Tea is considered a good source of liquid.

I will make sure your comments are passed on to the Marketing Manager concerned and I am sure they will be delighted to get your feedback.

Naturally I hope you will continue to enjoy using a packet of PG Tips Pyramid FreeFlow teabags, please accept the enclosed with our compliments.

Your sincerely,

Lisa Taylor

(enclosed was a voucher for four quid)

Authored by Vince Russell on 18 November 2003 at 07:00AM
Current rating: 3 out of 5 stars!
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Comments about "*PG Tips world record?"

teem healthy said

My dad set the record 20 years ago but i don't know if it still stands today. He went live on radio for 14 hours between 6am and 8pm and drunk aroud 80 cups of tea. :] You could try beating that record?

16 April 2008 at 07:37PM

Vince Russell said

That is truly amazing, well done to your Dad! His record is safe from us for the time being, I felt so bad after drinking 14 cups that I shan't be trying that again!

Tell your dad he's a star!

17 April 2008 at 08:55AM

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