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*Cadbury's animal crackers

Cadbury's animals are just crackers!

Department sent to: Animal Identification Department


I recently bought a packet of Cadbury's Animal Crackers and while eating them we came across one that we couldn't identify. I have attached it so you can see and I wonder if you might be able to tell me what animal it is. We think it may be one of the following...

  1. A Chinese baker
  2. The marshmallow man from Ghostbusters
  3. A lady with her shopping on her head

Hope all is well and hope you can answer our question.



(attached was the animal cracker in question)

The Reply

Dear Mr Russell,

Thank you for your letter regarding Cadbury's Animals.

We enclose a fact sheet regarding the names of Animal's we used in our biscuits. The one you mention we believe it to be Zippo the Hippo, as the sample returned was crushed in the post.

We are always grateful for customers taking time and trouble to write and thank you for showing an interest in one of our products, and we hope you continue to purchase our biscuits.

As a gesture of goodwill, we enclose one of the products which we hope you will enjoy.

Your sincerely

Shelagh J Castle

Cadbury's Animal Fact Sheet

Leroy the Lion
Leroy is totally cool and laid back. All the others look up to him and he takes great pleasure in being the "leader of the pack". Leroy loves going out and having a good time with the gang. He's sure that his ideas for having fun are the best. He thinks he's tremendously brave and is always boasting about the brave things he's done in the past, but all his friends know that he's just a big scaredy cat underneath.

Tiff the Tiger
You have to be careful what you say to Tiff the Tiger - she is a terrible gossip. Tiff always knows the latest fashions, what is in and what is out. She does have a mischievous side to her, and she sometimes teases her mates, but they always get her back.

Mojo the Monkey
Mojo the Monkey can always be relied upon to cheer up his friends when they are down - an expert at dancing and juggling and with a joke for every occasion, Mojo is a born entertainer. He sometimes lets his pranks go too far, but his quick mind usually allows him to talk his way out of trouble, and his friends always forgive him in the end.

Zippo the Hippo
Zippo is the dopey one. He's always doing nutty things that make the others laugh and is easily led into Mojo the Monkey's pranks, but his clumsiness usually messes everything up. He likes nothing better than to wallow in the water all day long with his bathing cap on and splashing his friends when they come to see him.

Gemma the Elephant
Gemma the Elephant likes to take care of all the smaller animals in the jungle. She is very kind and generous and always thinks well of everyone. However, Gemma is very forgetful and gets very upset when she crushes the lovely flowers she grows in her garden with her large heavy feet. All Gemm's friends love her because she is very loyal, and she often says very silly things which make them all laugh!

(enclosed was a box of chocolate fingers, which we all enjoyed!)

Authored by Vince Russell on 01 September 2003 at 07:00AM
Current rating: 3 out of 5 stars!
Filed under: Letters from Vince

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